Happy New year 2023 In England United Kingdom

The New Year 2023 is coming, it is the time to ring out the old year and bring the new one by merry making. The New Year atmosphere floods in every continents, countries, cities and even in each street. In recent article, we have already given you some interesting information on culture and tradition of New Year celebrations in the New Year. Now, let us give you more detail about New Year Celebration of one specific country that is the United Kingdom. New Year in United Kingdom is celebrated on January 1st, the first day of the first month following the Gregorian Calendar. English people love to enjoy each and every minute of the going year. Theme parties, salsa dance and live performances are the some of the rocking events of New Year in the United Kingdom.  As soon as the clock in the midnight rings twelve, everyone present in the party, on the road, in the house hoot, shout, whistle, and create noise to mark the arrival of the New Year. It is followed by greeting everyone around by hugs and kisses. A drinking toast is raised by everyone in concert to officially get into the celebration grove. Lavish meals are served, champagne flows in, creative fireworks are done, and everyone gets into the singing and dancing atmosphere on the biggest night of the year. New Year Parade which initiates on the noon of the New Year day saw thousands of people participating in it, with dancers, drummers, acrobats, musicians, and entertainers. The parade moves through the streets of Whitehall, Pall Mall, and eventually concluding at Berkley square. More traditionally, on the stroke of midnight, people open the back door to let the old year out and ask the first dark haired man to be seen to come through the front door carrying bread, salt and coal. This means that the following year everyone in the house will have enough to eat, enough money and be warm enough.  According to the Gregorian calendar, adopted by Great Britain and its colonies in 1752, New Year’s Day is celebrated on the 1st January. It is exactly eight days after Christmas Day and is usually a day of reflection on events from the previous year and a time to think about the coming year. There are various television documentaries dedicated to significant individuals who died during the year, as well as programs which count down the top music hits and consider the political movements and natural disasters of the former year. With the New Year, comes new ambitions and goals, therefore it is also considered a great occasion to make New Year’s resolutions, such as to give up smoking or to loose weight. People often make resolutions at the start of the new year. Resolutions are things that people have decided to do to make their lives better, such as stopping smoking or losing weight.  Many people spend most of December 31 quietly. They may spend time outdoors, reading the reviews of the last year in newspapers or resting in preparation for the New Year’s Eve parties that begin in the late afternoon or evening. People who host parties may spend a large part of the day preparing food and arranging drinks. In the evening, New Year’s Eve parties usually go on for many hours, well beyond midnight. Some, particularly young people, may choose to spend the evening in pubs, clubs or discos. Although there are many who celebrate the event responsibly with moderate amounts of alcohol, some celebrate the event with large amounts of alcohol, which can lead to fights and other acts of foolishness in the early hours of the morning. People often have parties in their home on New Year’s Eve. Other celebrate in pubs or clubs with their friends and families, or attend outdoor gatherings and firework displays. Just before midnight on New Year’s Eve, people hold hands and sing a traditional song called “Auld Lang Syne”. They count the seconds down to the new year and when the clock strikes midnight, they hug and kiss even strangers and wish each other a happy New Year! Sometimes people set off fireworks as the new year begins. People often drink a toast to the coming year with a fizzy alcoholic drink called champagne. Some people let their children stay up late to join in with the celebrations.  New Year celebrations in Britain is a colorful affair. New Year is celebrated as the most important festival in United Kingdom. Midnight parties, lavish meals, champagnes, music, dance and fireworks are the important parts of New Year in England. It is the biggest night-out of the year. Apart from parties and meals, another important part of New Year celebrations in United Kingdom is the biggest New Year parade. The parade starts at noon walking down the streets via Whitehall, Pall Mall and finishing in Berkley square. Musicians, dancers, acrobats, march, drums and other entertainers do a splendid job to make the event most distinguished one. One of the most widely known symbols of New Year’s Eve is the image of the Clock Tower at the Palace of Westminster, in London, counting down the last minutes of the old year. The first chimes of Big Ben, the bell housed in the Clock Tower, in the new year are broadcast live on radio and television. This is followed by a spectacular fireworks performance, often centered on the London Eye, which is claimed to be the largest Ferris wheel in Europe.  A very old custom of “first footing” is still followed in Britain with sincerity. In England, there is a traditional belief that whoever first arrives at the threshold of the household will be the one bringing good luck to the lives of the inhabitants of the household living in, for the entire coming year. Traditionally, the first footer is meant to follow and abide by certain customs and traditions. Few of them as mentioned in legends states that the first footer should always enter into the house from the front door, and should exit from the back door. It is said that the first male visitor to the house on the New Year’s day brings good luck. A blonde, a red-haired or a woman is not allowed to enter the house first as they are supposed to bring bad luck. The male visitor usually brings money, bread or coal as these are considered auspicious gifts. At some places, there is a tradition of gifting the holy mistletoe. It is believed to bring prosperity for the recipient. Dark hair people are thought to be the luckiest first footers, and it is traditional to carry a lump of coal when going first footing. In the present time, the most common trend is to organize a house party on the New Year midnight where everyone from the family and close friends is invited to be a part of it. Also, special midnight parties organize in discotheques, pubs, clubs, and bars also see crowd passionately participating in it. New Year day also sees lot of theme parties, cruises, troupes, carnivals, live concerts, and salsa dance celebrations occurring in different parts of England. Among these, cruises and theme parties saw a large crowd coming from far distant places including foreign land. The New Year celebrations in England are considered to be incomplete, more specifically without the special cruise ride.  There is also a popular tradition of exchanging New Year gifts while wishing each other. However, with Christmas day falling few days before the New Year day, this tradition of exchanging gifts is now less followed. Then, there is a tradition of ‘burning of bush’, which is considered to be a symbol of burning of all past evils and making a new beginning. Other than this, the New Year morning see young kids waking up early, and then making rounds of neighborhood while singing New Year celebration sings. Traditionally, whosoever does not sings before the noon of the New Year day is referred as a fool.In conclusion, each country follows their own tradition, culture and even have different ways to celebrate the New Year, so it is very interesting and useful for everyone who wants to do research on culture or to travel around the world. We wish all of you have a happy and prosperous New Year 2023. This is all about happy new year in the England United Kingdom. Click here to read

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